What is your skin telling you?

What is your skin telling you?

We have all been there... Breakouts happening and we have no idea why. I have sometimes spent hours researching why I'm breaking out and googling the best products on the market to fix it. Countless hours and a few hundred dollars later and I still had the same issue. That's because I hadn't fully understood my skin and what it was telling me. The art of face mapping comes from the Chinese tradition of face reading. Before we had all this fancy tech savvy medical equipment, doctors would look over a patient make a diagnosis off what they saw. 

Let us see what our face says to us when we are experiencing breakouts:

Forehead breakouts: These can be triggered by stress, lack of sleep or your digestive system (too many toxins)

How to Avoid Forehead Breakouts: If you are stressed, try taking 5-10 minutes per day and do something you love. If you are struggling with sleep, try going to bed just 30 minutes earlier. Drink some tea or a glass of wine before bed to relax. Too many toxins can also be the culprit. Try swapping a sugar snack with a piece of fruit or smoothie. 

Cheek breakouts: These can be triggered by respiratory issues or lifestyle habits. Allergies, smoke or air pollution can all cause acne on your cheeks. Poor lifestyle habits such as not washing your pillowcase, makeup brushes or using harsh ingredients in your skin care products can also break you out. 

How to Avoid Cheek Breakouts: Breathe in clean air. The more dirty air you are around, the more those particles can get into your skin, clog your pores, therefore causing a break out. Make sure you are regularly washing your pillow case and makeup brushes to avoid oil & dirt built up. Lastly, make sure you are using gentle ingredients that are right for your skin type. Using the wrong ingredients on your skin can cause acne to flare up, become itchy and even leave scars. 

Jawline Breakouts: My least favorite (because it's harder to control) is caused by hormones. Some women experience it worst than others, but none the less we all have hormones. Pay attention to that time of the month to see how it affects your skin. 

How to Avoid Jawline Breakouts: Although we can't control hormonal acne completely, there are a few things to do to combat it. During that time of the month, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. 


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