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anti-aging glow kit
Delphinia Pickett
Perfect beginner kit

I wanted a kit to make it easy for me to decide plus price was right. This is natural as it gets, I was looking for. Even without a face cream this was fine alone for a time. Ready to add to my kit add more moister. Thank you

Life changing

The anti aging kit was just what my skin needed. I love that it’s all natural and your skin feels and looks revived. I can tell a huge difference if I’ve missed a day of doing my skin care routine. Each product absorbs so well into my skin. They all have their own unique qualities. They smell good too! I love the foam cleanser, I’ve never used a foaming cleanser before but it is soo refreshing and I just love automatically how my skin feels when I use it. The lavender mist is amazing. The smell of lavender is not overpowering, it’s perfectly infused. I also love that it’s in a spray bottle so it makes it easy to just spray the toner on. When I use both of the serums (separately) it’s the finishing touch. My skin is glowing and my pores are perfect! The products are everything! & I’m so thankful I found them ❤️❤️❤️
I also chose to purchase from Danielle because I loved how she demonstrated the way to put on your skin care. She’s so down to earth and easy to connect with. I also love that she loved God! & makes him the center of her skin care business! Thank you 😊 Danielle ❤️

anti-aging glow kit
Kimberly Williams

I recently encountered a horrible facial where the products that were used burned my skin and left my face burning, hurting and feeling like scales. I've been following Naturally made 4 you for a little over a week and decided to try it out for many reason the founder stated and I could appreciate. I placed my order and tried it as soon as it came. When I tell you my skin has calmed down A LOT, please hear me! I like to think that these products are healing my skin from the chemical burns. I am grateful to the Father for having me come across her instagram page .
I think this will be the start of a beautiful skin journey :)

anti-aging glow kit
Debra Blackman
Love this kit

All the products in this kit are winners! Definitely helps with the dry skin here in AZ! Love, love, love the combination of all these together. Keeps my skin more natural looking, soft and smooth! ❤️

Glowing skin I love this kit!!!

This was my first purchase from Danielle. It sounded exactly like what I was looking for and needed.
The toner is the best I have found. It’s light and refreshing. It’s lovely lavender scent is my favorite part of my am/pm routine. It relaxes me and gets my skin feeling soft, moisturized. I rarely wear makeup, so I spray it and pat on my face with my fingers.
The HA is the serum that my skin likes to absorb quickly hydrating it.
The Daily facial serum is a bit thicker and oily than HA but perfect to press on my skin gently. It is perfectly balanced for my dry and mature skin.
The face wash is gentle enough to get my face clean without feeling dry. It’s the perfect kit for me and won’t be without it.
I use this kit with the avocado eye repair cream, face hydrating butter and lip repair balm. And OG lash and brow growth oil. I love it all!!! Thank you Danielle!! Five stars ⭐️
I have used expensive, department store, drugstore and all stores products looking for best skin care products for my mature, dry skin (60yo) I saw this kit on Instagram read about the company and loved the way all its for Gods purpose and glory.

The best products I’ve used!!!

This glow kit is amazing! I was looking for all natural skincare to use during pregnancy & postpartum/breastfeeding and when I found NC4U I wanted to try it all! This had everything I needed to get me started. I was pleasantly surprised to find that each product worked perfectly on my extremely sensitive skin. It has helped with redness, wrinkles, discoloration, irritation, and dullness. I also loved how just a little bit of product goes a long way!!! The wash cleanses without drying my face, the toner provides refreshing moisture, the hyaluronic acid is a moisture bomb for my face, and the daily facial serum is a luscious oil that gives me a radiant glow. I truly couldn’t recommend this kit enough. I’ve now tried almost everything she makes and I’ve not been disappointed! You’ve got to try this, I know you wont be either!

Moisturizing and Luxurious

This is the most luxurious eye cream I've used! Love that it doesn't make me breakout despite how moisturizing it is.

Cleared my acne in 1 week...How???

I am 26 and have very sensitive, acne-prone skin. I suffer from heavy oiliness and daily breakouts no matter how much benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid I use. I saw an ad for this company on Instagram and was touched by their mission of natural, God-honoring skincare and decided to purchase this serum. It's now been 1.5 weeks, I've been applying this serum every night before bed and I have not had a SINGLE new pimple since I started using it! Even my husband told me he noticed my skin is better than its been in years! I'm amazed and plan to continue using this serum forever. Thank you so much!

body bars
Joanne Cruse
Body Bar

Very moisturizing and smells great🥰

Body bar

Love this body bar left my entire body feeling clean and soft

hyaluronic acid serum
Elizabeth Byerly
Best serum Ever!

I have been struggling with flakey skin around my nose for Years, but No More! All thanks to this hyaluronic acid serum! It's The Best, seriously try it! You Won't be disappointed!

lavender toning mist
Shantay ~ VaNor’ Glosses
I absolutely ❤️ thissss!!

The best toner I have ever tried! Leaves my skin super soft, refreshed & plumped!!! This toner is a must buy.

amazing smell!

… I bought one of each… So far have only opened the Brazilian clay… It smells amazing!… Can’t wait to try the others!… So glad you don’t use fragrance oils!

Fine grain, thick and moisturizing

Very substantial body scrub! A light fresh scent with very moisturizing oils! The fine grains scrub well and dissolve well! Does not feel gritty, nor does it feel too abrasive! Blot skin dry, leaving a thin, moisturizing seal on your skin! Very satisfied!

body bars
Sharon Bielby
Clean luxury

I purchased three bars: turmeric, Brazilian clay, And Shea body bar! All three smell heavenly! The turmeric lathers up thick and creamy on my face, leaving it feeling soft and clean! The Brazilian clay smells delicious and rinses very clean on my body!. Have not tried the other and will more than likely purchase the oatmeal bar! Wonderful job creating the soaps!

body bars
Alissa Shipman
Body bars

The body bars are all amazing and I love how each one makes my skin feel. Especially love the scent of the Brazilian clay bar!

Doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. My lashes look hydrated!! I recently started wearing falsies and my natural lashes started looking a little neglected. So this is perfect. Too soon to know if there is growth but it's nice anyway.

I bought this because it was just a few dollars and I was like, why not. So happy I did and I'll be buying more when I run out! Like, wow. And I've never seen a product like this anywhere else. I just love it.

Buying this forever!! So wonderful, thick, and hydrating. Helped balance my extremely sensitive skin.

I love facial toning sprays, but I have the most sensitive skin. They all burn, so I usually just use purified water. This one, however, must be blessed 😂 they must say a little prayer over their products because everything is wonderful!!! I can't recommend it enough. And it's actually affordable! 💖💖💖


I look forward to use this lovely, refreshing, light toner. It smells so good, lavender! It sets my face for my other products and it works really well. I usually spray on my hands and apply it to my face. If I have worn makeup then I use a cotton pad to get rid off all what’s left behind. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. I have dry, mature skin and I love it!! 🥰

body bars
Wilma D
Brazilian Clay bar

My 60 year old dry skin loved this soap. I used together with the African net sponge. Awesome duo. They work great together. I so love the scent, a bit delicate floral. A bit goes a long way. The color is my favorite. It smells even better in the shower as it is drying. Lovely, lovely 🥰 Danielle, another beautiful creation.

In love with the net sponge!!

My daughter gifted me a net sponge together with the purple clay bar. I can’t believe it would marks the lather that makes. Oh wowza!! It’s huge and so light, very easy to move around the hands, soap and body. It starts with a bit of soap and as you mush it together the better, soapy it gets. So lovely. It rinsed quickly and hung to dry. Fast dry and smells good with my soap. I love, love, love it! Shower time is at another level. It was all well packaged with love. Shipping was quick. Thank you Danielle!! We love all that you make.

lip repair balm
Nicole Mitchell
Love this lip balm!

Never using another lip balm again! This feels and works so good! I love all the natural ingredients which is the main reason I got it - especially since my little guy is using it too! Unlike other
lip balms- I didn’t need to keep reapplying
frequently - it lasts so long! Get it!!!!

anti-aging glow kit
Nicole Mitchell
Amazing Products!

The anti-aging glow kit is fantastic! My skin feels so clean and refreshed and looks great too! The best part is a little of each product goes a a long way so you get so much for a great price! Get it - you’ll be happy you did!!