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Great products!!

To start the seller is very professional.. she responded to me & her testimony is amazing! To God be the Glory!
The products are GREAT!! I love the hyaluronic oil, the face butter & the turmeric scrub. To be honest .. I like all the products I purchased and when they finish I will be getting more. Thank you Daniellle!

Sea Moss Body Scrub
Kristina Van Dusen
Sea Miss Body Scrub

Loved the exfoliation. It was moisturizing as well.

Face Hydrating Butter
Kristina Van Dusen
Face Hydrating Butter

Very hydrating. Smells good. Shipping was fast too.

Wholesale- Turmeric Scrub

My best seller

Lip hydration

Loving this lip repair as I just got into lip care this year and was using Vaseline at night. I appreciate the skin protection and hydration it does for my lips in conjunction with my water intake. A little goes a long way and I use this before bed and throughout the day but don’t have to use as much because it’s all natural products which helps the longevity of the product on your skin!

Natural Eye cream

I really love the smell and texture of this eye cream, and have already noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels and cannot wait to see what it does as I stay on this product longer! A little goes a long way and this baby can last awhile, follow the directions on the bottle, she lists them out beautifully!

Hylaronic Acid amazing-ness!!

First off I would like to say that my skin is apparently sensitive but I realized after using NC4Y products it’s really not. I was hesitant to use this acid because I’ve used store bought in the past (Ulta, TJ Max, etc.,) and my face has turned red, but after using NC4Y I realized that my skin probably just didn’t like all the unnecessary ingredients in those products. I patch tested this one and it works amazing, no burning, redness or irritation to the face 💯 recommend!

Feel clean!

Thankfully I received my products right before my period started so to use Yoni mist to freshen up when I was in my nursing classes was amazing. You feel good, and smell good and love the fact that our Sister’s products are 💯 natural! Thank for this God centered business, Sister, you are truly a blessing to us in soooo many ways! 🤍

I bought the bare skin with no essential oils. I thought it was going to be whipped but to me it was very think and firm and does not soak into my skin. My skin remained oily.

Too thick

When I look at some of the pictures it looks whipped but it is very thick and firm and stays oily on my face. It does not bother my eyes like some products I've used.

Lip Repair Balm
Lynn Eplee
Love it!!!

It feels so good on my lips. I highly recommend.


I ordered the serum but I didn’t know what to expect. Well, less than a week later I ordered 2 more bottle! It makes my skin feel so lovely. I just rub it in, let it dry and then apply my moisturizer along with my foundation. They slide on like warm butter. I will never, ever be without this product!!! Do not hesitate to place your order. Danielle is so sweet, sends the products out in a timely manner and always includes a hand written thank you. I can’t say enough about her or her products!

Seamoss scrub

I love the texture, consistency and hydration of this scrub. I do wish there were some other scent options but the peppermint is nice too!

Whipped butter

I really like this whipped butter! Great consistency and not greasy.

Eye cream

So I really do like this eye cream but it is a little on the greasy side. Note that a little goes a very very long way. You literally only need to touch your fingertip to it and then put under your eye. It’s very hydrating but I would recommend only using at night because of the consistency.

Foaming cleanser

I like this cleanser and the fact that it’s 100% natural. The smell is not amazing but I understand it’s because it has no fake fragrance so I respect that. I don’t mind the natural smell it has and it seems to really clean my makeup off well.

Really like this eye cream. Nice texture and smells good. I will be ordering more products.

Favorite ❤️

Another favorite ❤️. My skin is drinking up this product along with the face butter! Love this combination together! I am noticing my skin is smoother and more subtle and it’s not even been a week using it! Love it 🥰 Thank you Danielle!

Face Butter

This product is one of my my favorites, my skin drinks it up! And after applying, I’m able to use my foundation with no problems! Days I don’t use foundation, I love the way my skin feels, so soft! Love it!

Love ❤️

This lip repair is amazing! My lips have never felt so soft! Love it!

Soft lips 💋

I LOVE this little lip balm. A little def goes a long way. I use it as part of my night routine & apply it right before bed. My lips are SO soft & hydrated in the morning. ❤️ It also doesn't leave a white crusty line on the lips if you use it during the day like other balms/chapsticks do. 100/10 would recommend and would love to see more scents to it too :)

The other best scrub next to the turmeric scrub 😁

Love the exfoliation from the sugar. The hydration is absolutely wonderful. Had my boyfriend try it on his keratosis pilaris and it cleared some up the next day. Not saying it's going to make it go away with one use, but it's somehow working. I've been trying EVERYTHING to help him with KP and I think I've finally found the solution. ❤️ Please don't ever stop making this scrub 🥹

It's like a reward for your skin

My skin feels so nourished after application, especially using it right out the shower. I love the size of the bottle and the pump too. ❤️

My boyfriend also likes it 😄

The hydration is good and I definitely love the wide mouth jar it comes in. I've tried a few body butters in the past that leaves a greasy feeling afterwards and this one doesn't at all, which my boyfriend really appreciates. 😂 After application, your skin is hydrated and not greasy. Good for my eczema on my hands too.

Keeping this for good

I never cared to use a serum in my routine until I tried this one out. IT IS A MUST!! ❤️ My skin feels extra hydrated the next day and I feel my skin changing for good. I also noticed my smile lines/wrinkles aren't as noticeable as before after using this serum. ❤️ This product is worth ALL the hype 😁