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The Complete Feminine Hygiene Routine

Five Steps in Feminine Hygiene

Maintaining proper feminine hygiene is probably one of the best decisions you can make for your yoni. Feminine hygiene goes way beyond just showering every day. Yes, it does involve showering. However, there are steps that you should keep to for a fresh, clean and healthy yoni area around the clock.

Here we will be considering some of the important steps that you should be exercising on a daily basis to maintain great feminine hygiene. Importantly, different yoni types for these different steps are highlighted for your consideration. Without further ado, here are four steps you should consider for your feminine hygiene.


To grow and maintain natural levels, different body parts need different combinations of nutrients to maintain this order. This natural law applies to your yoni. What you eat and drink affects your Yoni the same way it affects other parts of your body. To maintain great yoni health, you would need to introduce nutrients that contain elements like Vitamins C and E, Omega 3 and 6 acids, antioxidants, proteins, and probiotics, among others. Drinking enough water per day also aids in maintaining a healthy vagina. 


Just like every other part of your body, you need to wash the external part of your yoni. Not to worry, the internal part is a self-cleaning machine. Having your bath or shower every day is perhaps one of the most important steps in feminine hygiene. Washing your intimate area daily is important to get rid of the heat buildup, discharge, sweat, and other elements on the outside of your yoni. Stick to washing the outer skin daily with a gentle cleanser that has simple and natural ingredients. Traditional body soaps tend to have toxic ingredients that can irritate your skin so it's important to choose a soap specific for your yoni.


The hair that grows over your yoni region serves its biological purpose. It purposely grows to protect the delicate outer skin of your yoni from friction during certain activities. For some, they choose to groom their pubic hair. Others choose to get rid of it via shaving or waxing. 


In many cases, most women experience dry skin or ingrown hairs that cause discomfort and irritation. This may be practically inevitable especially when shaving. It's important that after cleansing and grooming, you moisturize your skin using a moisturizer specific to your needs. 


Your feminine hygiene is never complete without you being able to say when something is off about what you are familiar with daily. As a daily task, you should spend some time thinking and learning about specific things concerning your vulva. It can include the look, feel, and smell. Monitoring your vagina health helps you notice when something is right and what you need to switch up to maintain your hygiene.

Products for Your Yoni Care Routine

Understanding your daily hygiene routine are important for your vaginal health. Using products with natural ingredients is one of the best gifts you can give to your body. To maintain your feminine hygiene, yoni products are the top picks for these specific purposes. Below are yoni products that can help you maintain the recommendation above for feminine hygiene

  1. Yoni Scrub

    Yoni scrubs are exfoliates that you can use before and after waxing or shaving. It usually comprises of sugar, shea butter, jojoba oil and essential oils. It is very useful for reducing redness after-shave and prevents the possibility of getting ingrown hairs. It is also great for its exfoliating properties. The natural ingredients help to smooth skin and lock in moisture. 
  1. Yoni Wash

    For cleansing, a natural yoni wash is your ally. Yoni soap takes care of washing the outside part of your vagina. Yoni soaps are products of natural ingredients that can help you fight odor, balance pH, reduce inflammation, fight bad bacteria, and tighten your skin.

    Yoni wash may contain coconut oil, aloe vera, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and organic castile soap. They are great alternatives to the chemical-based products on shelf tops in the stores.
  1. Yoni Oil

    Using a yoni oil is your best natural option for moisturizing skin around the mons pubis and labia majora are. It provides several benefits like the elimination of chronic infections, boosting and locking in moisture, reducing and preventing ingrown hairs, soothing itching, and relieving pain due to inflammation.

    Yoni oil consists of the carrier oil for moisturizing effect and the essential oil that includes natural ingredients like lavender, tea tree essentials, and coconut oil base. Together, they provide anti-fungi, antibacterial, and soothing properties.
  1. Yoni on the go mist

    Staying fresh and ready to go throughout the day takes some effort on your part. That is where yoni on the go mist comes into play. This is a feminine spray for women needing a quick freshen up throughout the day. This natural refreshing agent contains a blend of organic oils and essential oils. They are great for soothing irritation, maintaining pH level, boasting healing of tissue, regenerating healthy vaginal tissue, and preventing build-up of vaginal infection.

Wrapping It Up

Maintaining regular feminine hygiene is one of the top things you should look forward to doing daily. This is because of the benefits it adds to your vaginal area and your body in general. Using Yoni product recommendation for the steps above is something you should consider for its benefits. Where chemical additives and fragrance-filled products fail, Yoni products thrive. You can never go wrong with Yoni products!

Because they are natural products, they are useful on almost every skin type. If you have reactive skin, you should visit your dermatologist to find out if certain yoni products are compatible with your skin type before use.

View our yoni skin care products to start your routine:
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