What to do before and after a bikini or brazilian wax

What to do before and after a bikini or brazilian wax

So, you want to get a wax. That's great! But there are some steps that you need to take before and after the appointment that can make sure you get the best results.

Do not trim your pubic hair.

If the thought of trimming your pubic hair before a waxing appointment makes you shudder, don’t worry. You will not be required to do so. The reason for this is that trimming your hair before getting waxed can lead to ingrown hairs and irritation in sensitive areas, which are both painful and uncomfortable.

For best results when getting waxed, keep your pubic hair at least 1/4 inch long on the day of your appointment. In general, avoid shaving any part of your body two weeks before or after receiving a Brazilian bikini wax because doing so might cause irritation around certain areas due to sensitivity from shaving itself (which can lead to redness).

Do not use lotions

Waxing is a very delicate process and it's best to keep your skin as clean, dry and smooth as possible before waxing. It's also important not to use lotions because they can clog up the pores in your vagina and interfere with the wax, which could make the process more difficult.

If you're planning on getting a Brazilian or Hollywood wax (a full-body treatment that includes all but your head), take extra care when preparing yourself for it! The last thing you want is an ingrown hair growing inside your pubic area or around other sensitive parts of your body.

Do not exfoliate your skin right before or after a wax.

It is always recommended that you do not exfoliate your skin right before a wax. You want to exfoliate a day or two ahead of time but not right before your appointment. Not only can this cause irritation and redness, but it can also make the waxing process more painful. The wax may stick to your skin and rip when pulled off, which could cause pain. However, if you have sensitive or very dry skin and need to exfoliate prior to getting a Brazilian wax or bikini line removal, make sure that you do so gently with a washcloth or loofah that has been dampened with warm water (not hot). This will make it easier for the hairs to come out without pulling on them too roughly. 

After your wax, you want to keep the skin clean and dry. 48 hours after your wax, you want to exfoliate again to keep ingrown hairs away. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week for best results.

Use an exfoliating body scrub with turmeric and shea butter

Remember, it's recommended that you do not exfoliate your skin right before a wax. You want to exfoliate a day or two ahead of time but not right before your appointment. This kind of exfoliator is gentle enough for the sensitive skin around your vulva, but it will still work to remove dead skin cells and smooth out the area. You should also look for an exfoliant with other natural ingredients like jojoba oil oil or tea tree essential oil. 

Cleanse your intimate before the wax with Yoni Wash for Healthy Skin pH.

  • Cleanse your intimate skin before the wax with a natural feminine cleanser such as yoni wash.

  • This pH balanced wash is specifically designed for the vagina, vulva and perineum. The wash contains organic ingredients that are non-irritating and soothing to sensitive areas.

  • Use this gentle cleanser daily as it’s not only great for intimate areas but also works wonders on your face as well!

    Moisturize your skin with our yoni oil daily until the day of the wax, then wait until 2 hours after the wax to resume use.

    Yoni oil is a natural moisturizer for the vulva. Apply it daily until the day of your wax and then wait until 2 hours after the wax to resume use. Use a small amount of yoni oil on the skin after showering or bathing, massaging into all areas of your vulva.

    If you have ingrown hair, go get rid of them first.

    If you have ingrown hair, go get rid of them first. Ingrown hairs can be more painful than the actual wax itself and usually develop days after a Brazilian or bikini wax. They're caused by shaving, waxing, friction against the skin, bacteria in pores and poor diet choices (like eating chocolates).

    Don't have sex before or after your wax.

    Don't have sex for at least a week after your wax. Your skin is more sensitive than usual, and it's important to give yourself time to heal before putting any pressure on the area.

    Don't use any lubrication, including natural lubrication. Using this kind of lube can cause irritation and infection in the area where you got your wax done, which could make things uncomfortable or painful down there—not what anyone wants! If you need some extra help with dryness, try using organic coconut oil instead—it's clinically proven to be safe for all-around use in almost every part of the body (including vaginas) without causing irritation in most people who try it.[1]

    If possible, avoid tight clothing or underwear during recovery time as well as anything else that might irritate your freshly-waxed skin (which includes wearing tight jeans).

    We recommend following these steps to get good results from your bikini or Brazilian wax.

    It's important to follow these steps before and after a vaginal wax session, because they'll make sure you get the best results.

    • Exfoliate. We recommend using a turmeric scrub before your appointment, as this will help remove dead skin cells from your labia and make them softer for the wax therapist to work with.
    • Cleanse with yoni wash afterward. A yoni wash can be used immediately following any kind of intimate service because it contains ingredients that will soothe and hydrate sensitive areas while removing any residue left by products like feminine hygiene sprays or douches.
    • Moisturize with a natural oil such as a yoni oil that is rich is nourishing oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil. 

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